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Custom 35mm "Woodie" 20+ Pack

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Custom NZ Woodie 35mm Quantity
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geocaching wooden geocoin, new zealand woodie, custom, your design here
geocaching wooden geocoin, new zealand woodie, custom front, standard back
geocaching wooden geocoin, new zealand woodie, custom, your design here
geocaching wooden geocoin, new zealand woodie, standard back design


Custom woodie coins are all the rage in the geocaching world as a fun way of making, sharing and collecting personal souvenir coins.  They are the lowest cost custom item we have available and represent great value for money to get your signature item for trading, sharing or dropping into geocaches!

These woodie coins are not usually trackable, but a tracking code common to all coins can be added for an additional fee of $4.  If you want your design to include a tracking code, make sure you select this option.

There are no set up costs - just choose the quantity of "woodies" you want (starting at 20), send us the design, and we will do the rest.

These coins are made of wood and are sized 35mm diameter and 5mm thick.

So what are you waiting for?  Join the fun of trading and sharing your collectible "woodies" with other woodie fans all over the world, and order your woodie coins today!

Your Custom Design

As soon as you have placed your order you can email us your design for the front of your woodie coins.  We recommend keeping your design within a 30mm diameter circle, to ensure you don't get too close to the edge.

When sending your design, a high resolution jpeg image is recommended, at least 600x600 pixels.  Be careful not to make your design too detailed - allowing at least 0.3mm between lines, and 0.3mm thickness of lines.  We will let you know if we think your design is too finely detailed, but it is not usually a problem.

Your design should be a single colour (black on white is preferred) and this will be what is engraved onto your "woodies".  You can use your favourite drawing program on your computer, or otherwise hand draw your design, using nice think lines, and then take a photo of it and send that to us, making sure your photo is as straight on to the picture as possible.

You can email your design to and include your invoice number in the email subject line.  We will keep your design on file in case you wish to have more of the same coin produced in the future.

Coin Production

Because we will need to receive your custom design from you and then produce the coins to your order, you can expect it to take a little longer than our usual shipping turn-around for standard in-stock items.  We expect to produce and ship your coins out to you within a week of your order if there are no delays with your custom design artwork.

Please note that because these coins are made of wood, and wood is a natural organic material, there may be slight natural imperfections and grain visible on the coin.  This is to be expected when using a natural material.  However, we do our best to select only wood coins that meet our high quality standards.

These coins are proudly made in New Zealand and are produced in-house at